Hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo?

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Being a nice person is so fun

Waiter messes something up? You can see the relief on their faces when you don’t scream and swear at them about it

Extra tickets at an arcade/prize place? Watch a little kid’s face light up when you give them a bunch of tickets

There are too many assholes in this world. Be a nice person.

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Litter vigilante. [video]


Litter vigilante. [video]

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calm your shit barbie not everyone has white privilege like you do

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My anaconda don’t want none unless the state of the economy recovers, minimum wage workers see an increase in their pay, and women, racial, and sexual minorities acquire their rights.



reasons to love jack barakat <3


"You knew I was fragile, but you fucking dropped me anyway."

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  • 14 years old: I'm young but I know what I want. This isn't that hard, I'm all grown up already and have everything figured out.
  • 17 years old: Well, this is a little harder than I thought. School is almost ending. What am I going to do with my life?
  • 21 years old: What the fuck is going on? Where are my socks?


it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 




Love every bit of this!!!especially the engineer who designs clothes ;)


Why do men think women are angry just on their period?

I’m angry all the time. Get the fuck away from me

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